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10 tips for writing a powerful essay

There are many ways you can add power to your essay. Here are ten tips to help you do just that.

  • write a mini essay first
  • check out any online help resources
  • choose the right topic
  • keep it simple, stupid
  • try a formula which is outside the box
  • open with a great opening
  • less is more
  • the style of the best writers
  • think of a snazzy title
  • positive thinking always helps

If you can write everything you want to say in your essay in one or two sentences, that is if you can write a brilliant synopsis, you're well on the way to giving your actual essay a lot of power.

Did you know that there are online resources to help you write more powerful essays? Our job is to make your essay shine. So often these resources are free. It's not going to take much of an effort for you to track down these free resources, study them, and then cherry pick the tips which will help you write a more powerful essay.

The choice of topic is oh so important. Get that wrong and you're in big trouble. Get it right and everything is in place.

Do not try to be clever. You are not there to reinvent the wheel. The old adage that you should keep it simple, stupid, applies in many things in life and certainly when trying to write a powerful essay.

We all know the standard formula of introduction, main body and conclusion. This is a tried and tested formula. But if you want to go for something a little out of the box, a little out of left field, try tinkering a little with the basic formula. You don't have to go overboard but something which is different and surprising might give you a significant amount of power.

Anyone in advertising will take you that you win or lose the customer from the very beginning. You can never have a second shot at your first meeting. Get it just right.

Less is more applies to so many things in life. It certainly applies to essay writing. If you want to make your essay powerful, don't waffle. Learn how to cut and refine what you have written. The trimmer it is, the more powerful it will become.

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  • Formatting your paper

    There's no law against copying the style of the best writers. Read the essays which have received very high marks. Ask yourself why these essays have been so successful. Copy the technique of these powerful works.

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  • Creating a strong title and intro

    You don't have to have a title for your essay but if you give it one and the title is snazzy or eye-catching or dramatic, all of a sudden you've added some power to your essay. And finally be positive. Believe in yourself. Believe that you are capable of producing a very powerful essay.

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