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Starting an essay can be difficult. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to even begin, especially if your lecturer has purposefully kept the titles broad. Here are a few key points to keep in mind that will help you to find the topic you want to write about.

  • Is it interesting?

    Whatever topic you choose, make sure it’s interesting. You don’t want to bore yourself, and you certainly don’t want to bore your lecturer. If you’re interested in it, you’ll find writing it easier, and they’ll find reading it easier. But also, make sure you’re interested in it yourself. Don’t choose something because other people like it, chose it because you like it. That way, you’ll enjoy writing it and others will enjoy reading it.

  • Is It To the Point?

    You don’t want to ramble. Make sure your topic is specific, something that can easily be explained in a sentence. Rambling essays lose focus and they don’t get good grades. It’s important to keep your essay specific, focus on something niche or new or have a slant that your lecturer hasn’t heard before. You don’t have to be the first person ever to think an idea, but don’t be an anonymous face in a crowd. Stand out.

  • Is It Relevant?

    Keep your topic relevant. If you’re studying Classic Greek Architecture, don’t write an essay on popstars in the media. That said, do use your interests to keep you in the game. If you’re really into pop culture, utilize that and incorporate it into your essay – so long as it’s working and isn’t a total tangent. Lecturers are human too. They have hobbies. Sometimes it’s nice for them to be surprised by something a little different. A little.

  • Does It Have a Reason?

    Make sure there’s a purpose to your argument. Don’t write it just because, write it because there’s a real issue that you care about or that you’re interested in. Choose something you can sink your teeth into. There’s nothing worse than doing something easy just to scrape by, or doing someone else’s idea because you were too lazy to do your own. If your essay has a reason you’ll find the readers will engage better with it, and so will you. So choose something that hits home, choose something that cuts deep. And use that to grab your readers in.

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