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A List Of Successful Essay Topics You Should Write About

What is an essay?

To consider this topic the first and foremost thing that our reader should be explained is “what is an essay?” It might be quite obvious that you know what it is but still to start with a brief introduction one must be able to judge the difference between essays, thesis, dissertation and other form of custom writings. We have come up with a definition of essay which might be useful for readers; it is a short piece of writing which can express vital information and even the opinions of a writer.

What are the different kinds of essay?

There are different forms of essay and one must specifically know the details about the type they are attempting to write.

  • Descriptive: It deals with a normal description of a place or an incident. Here you are not needed to do any research work. You just need to have a good imaginary descriptive power so that you can write a catchy yet sensible description of the entire thing.

  • Persuasive: It is a tough form. You need to choose a topic and persuade your writer about your thought process on it. You have to implant the points that you want to forecast on your reader’s mind. For that you need good sense of persuasive writing.

  • Argumentative: Well always the most interesting one. You need to select a debatable topic which may lead to a lot of questions and you have to write on it. You can never be judgemental neither be biased with a specific opinion. You should let the readers decide.

  • Expository: This is short ones describing about a short theme, an idea or a specific issue. The main part lies in explaining an issue or a theme and its point to an audience. It may be a reaction as critics about a poem or a novel or a personal experience about a football match, political event etc.

Some sample topics

Expository topics

  • The person you admire the most and why?

  • Whom do you want as a leader and what capability does he/she possess to be so?

  • Parents should be strict sometimes, why?

  • An animal that you want to be and why?

  • Who is your favourite teacher and why is it so?

Argumentative topics

  • Do we have a fair election system?

  • Should torture as a punishment be included in our law?

  • Should men be able to get leave from work due to paternity reasons?

  • Are the systems of lottery a good idea?

  • Is our taxation system run in a right fashion?

Persuasive topics

  • Allowing cell phone in school and colleges.

  • Should uniforms be must in schools and colleges?

  • College athletes should be paid for playing.

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