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For the business market in the 21st century there is a need to reach a very large customer base, since many production companies have been introduced in the market. Innovative ways of reaching huge group members in the public have to be created. The need to satisfy market demand is fulfilled through the introduction of using social media such as; Facebook, Twitter, Google, snap marketing, YouTube in the marketing profession. Social media have basically acted as a substitute for the use of word of mouth as a business marketing tool. It has enabled companies to interact and to share their products and services to the consumers who are in need of the goods and services.

Social media has provided a platform where the users of the social sites are able to research on the varieties of the products that they may require to use or have information about. Multiple of internet users has acquired information on the products and the retailers of the product online, which has made sales transactions easier It has enabled product users to create reviews and counter reviews on various products and enable other consumers to read the posted reviews on a product online and view the product rating by other consumers. The reviews and ratings have provided the brand ambassadors with the perfect platform to protect the brand through brand communication. It has also provided a platform for brand protection by the consumers who have felt a need for protecting other consumers from harmful products and also defending their favorite products against poor reviews from fraudulent competitors who post reviews to destroy other products.

Posting attractive adverts on the social sites or creating websites for marketing has become the new trend by companies to attract buyers. Content development by these companies while using their loyal customer base to create awareness and research about their products has helped companies in analyzing their marketing strategies through the feedback obtained. By using the sites to educate the customer, it has helped the users to be well informed in the product evolution in the markets today and one is able to network and communicate with the professionals in this line of product hence providing a one on one contact with the online market.

Social media has made target marketing easier for people of a specified demographic, age, race or social status may be targeted by the advertising companies, hence making the jobs of the human resource a little bit manageable.This has helped the companies to easily shape the structure of their companies by making marketing honest, simple, cheap and bold.

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