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How To Compose A Strong Exploratory Essay On Obesity: Basic Advice

Exploratory essays are intended to explain a subject to the reader. No matter what your topic is, your end goal of writing an exploratory paper is to have taught the reader new information, a new perspective, or a new idea. Some of the most interesting essays are writing on social issues and things that currently plague and affect present society. One of the biggest obstacles we are currently tackling is the rise of obesity in our youth. Much of this obesity comes from genetic predispositions and is completely inevitable, but a lot of the high rates are due to irresponsible parenting and diets. If this is what you’re writing your paper on, it’s important to not step on any toes, as this is an issue that many are either directly affected by, or have an indirect tie to and thus, strong opinion. Here’s some basic advice to consider before and while writing your paper:

  • Stay neutral and remain objective: Remember, this essay isn’t a persuasive or argumentative, it’s meant to explain. Do not offer your opinion and try to use neutral words that carry no connotations. One of the easiest ways to turn your reader off is by using a tone that’s condescending or unwelcoming. Present only objective facts in your work.

  • Do your research: Pull up statistics, facts, trends, anything that documents the rates and changes that have occurred regarding obesity. Make sure all of your research comes from a credible source, as there is a lot of validity riding on this. Facts are the only thing you have to support your paper, so make sure to put a lot of time into gathering these facts.

  • Consider all possibilities: If your paper is an exploration of obesity rates, then make sure to consider all possible factors that cause this illness. The same applies if you’re analyzing the dangers of the sickness.

  • Distinguish yourself: You don’t want to write just any old paper on the topic. Pick a unique perspective or angle on it that will distinguish your paper from other students’.

  • Proofread: It’s easy to get distracted or caught up in your train of thought while writing, so read through it once you’ve finished to make sure that it makes sense and flows smoothly.

These are only a few tips on what to do when writing a paper about any sort of food related illness. Remember, this is a sensitive subject, so always keep other’s attitudes in mind.

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