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Looking for a proofread essay introduction example

If you are writing an essay one of the hardest parts is the introduction. Many students struggle with writing their introduction. Part of the reason is the importance placed upon the introduction. This part of the essay is where you either hook the attention of the reader or don’t. And if you don’t then your paper - no matter how well written - will be useless.

There is also a misconception that students have to write the introduction first. They think that because the introduction comes first in the paper that they have to write it first. But this presents many challenges especially if your body arguments and supporting evidence are not thoroughly developed yet or you plan on making changes once you download a new journal article. All of these things can interfere with your ability to write an introduction. And some students feel that they cannot move on to the rest of their paper until they have constructed the introduction.

But this is simply not the case. The introduction is an important part of the essay to be sure. But it is does not have to be written first. In fact it is beneficial for students to write it last once they have written all of the core components that are brushed upon in the introduction. It is also beneficial for students to review a proofread essay introduction example to get a better feel for the flow of the essay and how the introduction should be laid out.

By reviewing a proofread essay introduction example students can familiarize themselves with a new style of academic writing. For example: if students have never written a narrative essay they may not know what pieces to include in the introduction. But looking over examples of a proofread introduction for a narrative essay will give them the visual and textual representations of what they require.

So where can you find these examples?

  1. You can search for proofread introduction examples online. You can use keywords to narrow down your search. In some cases you might not be able to find just the introduction in which case you may have to download or look at an entire essay. You can easily stop reading after you finish the introduction.
  2. You can also turn to style and writing guides both online and in print. These offer introductions for each style of writing that are comprehensive and “A” material.

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