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Odysseus Journey

Odysseus adventure starts at Troy, as a general Odysseus had been in the command of the ten-year-old incessant Trojan War. Odysseus applies a cunning tactic to help the Greeks win the war. The scheme involved use of the wooden Trojan horse that he gave as a gift to the Trojans. The horse, however was a military vehicle disguised as a gift. In the horse, there were armed Greek men ready to ambush the Trojans. The strategy worked in the favor of the Greeks, and they won the war. After the Trojan victory, Odysseus and his men embark on the journey home in Ithaca. Poseidon is however not happy with Odysseus for his arrogance and refusal to worship gods.

On the way home, the group stopped at the island of Cicones in the city of Ismarus to raid for supplies. Odysseus instructed his men only to take what was necessary and leave the island. The overwhelming riches and luxuries of the Cicones’ tribe kept the men in the island more than they had been instructed. As Odysseus’ men partied and drank liquor, Cicones’ army ambushed the camp and killed 72 of the men.

The violent storm then drove Odysseus’ ship off course to the island of the Lotus-eaters. Lotus is an extremely addictive plant that causes the eater to lose touch with reality. If the plant is eaten, a person loses memory and cares about nothing part from eating the plant. The two men sent to scout the area failed to return, and Odysseus had to go and inquire what could have happened to the men. He found the men helplessly addicted to the plant, tied them and forced into the ship.

Odysseus and his men then sailed to the island of Cyclopes; an island of one-eyed monsters. As Odysseus and his scouting team explored the land, their curiosity drove them into a cave. Once inside the cave, the team learnt that the owner of the cave was a gigantic being who reared flocks of sheep. The team slaughtered a few of the sheep to tame their hunger. On returning, Polyphemus was not pleased with the intruders who had feasted on his sheep. The Cyclops blocked the entrance of the cave and ate two of the Odysseus’ men. Odysseus formulates an escape plan; he blinded the drunken Polyphemus and then together with his team sneaked out under the flock of sheep.

After fleeing the island Cyclopes, Odysseus landed in the island of Aeolia the home of the god of winds Aeolus. After listening to the Odysseus hideous journey home, Aeolus gave Odysseus a bag of winds that could help him sail safely home. The team then set out for Ithaca; because of exhaustion Odysseus fell asleep and his men opened the bag out of curiosity as they approached Ithaca. The winds escaped, and the storms drove the ship back to the island of Aeolia. The god of winds declined to give the team another gift and Odysseus had to embark on the arduous journey home a dejected man. Odysseus’ fleet then arrived at the island Laestrygonians, an island of cannibals. The cannibals ate all the Greeks, and only Odysseus and his men survived because they had anchored their ship outside the island.

Having only one ship left Odysseus sailed east and arrived at the island of Circe, the sorceress. As Odysseus and his men explored the island, they came across the Circe who turned his men into pigs. Odysseus was protected by moly a magical herb god Hermes gave him, so he was not turned into any animal. Odysseus stayed with the Circe long enough to sire three sons, and when he became homesick, Circe advised Odysseus to visit the underworld and consult Teiresias, the seer. In the underworld, Odysseus met Tiresias the seer who advised him to sail using the route of Scylla. Odysseus then returned to the Circe who gave him wax and instructed him on how to pass the sirens where there were women singing luring songs to sailors. After Siren Island Odysseus sailed toward Scylla as he had been instructed by Tiresias; where he lost six men who were devoured by the Scylla. The group then arrived in the island of Thrinacia, the cattle sun god. Odysseus instructs his men not to interfere with any of the cattle lest the god got furious. Because of the storms in the island Odysseus and his men had not eaten for days and hunger was taking toll on them. As Odysseus fell asleep while praying to Athena, his men slaughtered some cattle and ate. Helios got furious and complained to Zeus, who sent a thunderbolt to the ship killing everyone except Odysseus. On the shipwreck, Zeus assisted Odysseus maneuver Scylla and Charybdis.

After drifting into the sea Odysseus finds himself in the island of Calypso, he stays in the island for seven years. After the seventh year, Hermes advised Calypso to let Odysseus construct a ship and sail to Ithaca. As Odysseus sailed to Ithaca on his small boat, an angry Poseidon destroys the boat and Odysseus found himself in the shores of Phaeacia. The people of Phaeacia helped him and took him to t Alcinous the king, where he narrated his journey during a feast. The king gave him ships and a safe passage to Ithaca. Odysseus finally arrived in Ithaca, where he met his son, Telemachus for the first time in 15 years. Odysseus together with the son killed all the suitors and reclaimed the kingdom uniting with his wife Penelope.

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