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The Easiest Way To Create A Problem Solution Essay On Gun Control

Gun control is a very controversial issue in many countries. This is because people value their right to own a gun, but at the same time they want to be sure that criminals or children will not have access to gun. This is, indeed, a very interesting topic to discuss in your problem solution essay; it might change the opinion of your classmates and it can slowly make a difference. Of course, there are some aspects that you can’t neglect if you want everything to go smoothly. Here is what you have to do:

  • Expose the problem in a realistic way. Many people fight against guns with invalid arguments. If you will be one of them, you will not be able to offer any solution because the problem is not exposed correctly. Try to be objective and to understand what the real dangers are. For this, you can easily use articles from newspapers or magazines; there were many cases when children hurt other people because they had access to their parent’s gun.

  • Why the other solutions did not work? The government is trying to solve this problem for years, and many solutions were applied. However, none of them was completely effective. If you want to make a really good problem solution essay, you have to explain why none of the solutions were effective and how could they be improved. For example, you can not say that we should take measures of precautions to protect the children and the problem is solved. The government can not control every parent, so this is not a long term solution.

  • Mention the law in your country. This is a very good point to remember when you write about gun control. In the end, you can not do anything to chance the situation as long as the government is not willing to change the law. It is helpful for your classmates to know the laws of your country.

  • Propose a valid solution. This is the most important part of your problem solution essay. If you want to create a winning essay, you must bring some valid solutions in discussion. Even more, you have to bring clear arguments and to explain why your solution is better than others, why are you convinced that it will work and how it will improve the general situation.

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