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General Advice on Reflective Essay Writing for High School Students

A reflective essay is a type of academic paper that requires a student to write about an experience that changed their opinion about a particular subject or concept. Teachers also ask students to write reflective papers to describe their development during the academic year. These papers are usually very personal and subjective, but they still should maintain an academic tone.

Tips to Write a Reflective Paper

  1. Understand your assignment clearly.
  2. Look into your assignment guidelines and read what your teacher wants you to write about. It’s very important to know whether you may write about any significant experience in your life or you should concentrate only on your academic progress.

  3. Come up with your examples.
  4. To write a successful paper, you should present good examples that will illustrate your development or changes in the attitude towards something. Take your time and call to memory the events that will help you clearly convey your message.

  5. Write a thesis statement.
  6. This is a short sentence that should explain to the reader what to expect from your paper without giving too many details about it. To compose a good thesis, it’s advisable to create several versions of it and consult your teacher to select the best one.

  7. Make an outline.
  8. If you want your paper to be structured properly, you should plan its contents in advance. Take a sheet of paper and briefly indicate what you want to include in each section of your essay (introduction, body, and conclusion). This will help you stay organized during the writing process.

  9. Write an introduction.
  10. In the opening paragraph, you should describe yourself before the events that you’re going to present in the body. If you’re writing about some significant experience, indicate what you expected from it before you’ve actually experienced it. Finish the introduction with your thesis statement.

  11. Write the body.
  12. This is the section where you should present your examples and explain how they affected your life. Make sure to discuss each example separately and start each paragraph with a clear topic sentence.

  13. Write the conclusion.
  14. Restate your thesis and summarize the contents of the body to convey your main message. Don’t present new points or examples.

Getting Help with Writing a Reflective Essay

The best way to understand how to compose a good paper is to look at high-quality sample papers. You may ask your teacher to provide you with some templates or take advantage of other sources, like your school library or local academic centers.

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