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Minimum Driving Age

The minimum driving age in the United States varies. Each state has laws set on how old a person can be when obtaining a driver’s license. The age varies from how old a person should be for obtaining a driver’s permit or temporary license. For most states it varies from age 14 through ages 17. There is ongoing debate as to whether the age limit should be increased to age 18 for all states. Many say this is a good idea while others think this could be a disadvantage for teens.

Being able to drive at age 14 can be quite a privilege. In many cases you will not be able to drive without a licensed adult in the car with you. Teens may be required to complete driver’s training for a certain number of hours before being eligible for a permanent license. Teens may also be required to complete in-class training which includes video instruction and testing. Teens may not be happy with the arrangement but they are willing to complete this in order to drive. Few want to be able to drive themselves where they want to go without bugging their parents. But there are different sides of the story as far as letting teenagers operate a motor vehicle.

Some parents like the idea of letting their teen drive. If they show they can be responsible they can do more things that involve using the car such as run errands or help other siblings get to where they need to go. Other parents think teenagers are not responsible enough to have such a privilege. Some teens don’t take things seriously and they think car accidents won’t happen to them. They may do things they are not supposed to such as drink behind the wheel. They think they look cool behind the wheel when they can make themselves look foolish.

Parents have valid concerns on both sides of the issue. The minimum driving age of 14 may seem a little young. Others think 16 is a better age while 18 is best. Since teenagers have the ability to learn how to drive, few think they should be able to have the opportunity at this age. This may help them learn how to be better drivers while perfecting their skills. On the other hand, parents deal with higher insurance premiums when their teen driver develops a poor driving record before turning 18.

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