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Writing An Essay On Current Affairs: Professional Tips

You may be asked to write a paper on current affairs for any number of courses. Unlike other research or analytical papers it can be a challenge for several reasons: First, depending on how recent it is, there may not be very many credible or academic sources about the event; reporting on the event may be skewed by issues of power; there won’t be the gift of hindsight when it comes to analysis; and the event may still be unfolding.

But follow these professional tips to create an excellent essay on current affairs:

  1. Look for credible press sources
  2. Chances are there will mostly be press sources such as newspaper articles about the current events you are writing on. In the case of current events it is typically okay to use press sources, because often times they’re all that there is. But make sure you try to use the most credible press sources available. Look for big name newspapers like the New York Times, Washington Post, or LA Times or agencies like Associated Press or Reuters. And when possible, use the original source of the story.

  3. Try to find unpublished academic sources
  4. More and more professors and researchers are using blogs and websites to put out unpublished writing on current events. These shouldn’t be confused with primary academic sources, but if you find a blog written by an expert in the field, it can be helpful to include their perspective.

  5. Use past sources about the area or actors in order to find background information
  6. This can be a great way to incorporate academic articles into your essay if you’re having a hard time finding them. Chances are you’ll be wanting to include background information anyway, so try to make sure you’re siting academic sources for it rather than news sources.

  7. Try relating the current events to past events you may have more sources on
  8. A good way to give your paper more analysis so it isn’t just reciting facts is to relate the current events back to past events, either in the same place or a different place. This will help your reader to understand how the events fit into the global or historical context, and will give you an interesting spin for your essay.

  9. Try not to be too definitive in your language
  10. If you’re writing about a very recent event there may still be a lot that’s unknown or ambiguous about it, so make sure you’re not overreaching with your writing.

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