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What Are Good Argumentative Essay Topics For College Students

When you are in college and looking for great college level argumentative essay topics consider the options below:

  • Debate whether dying with dignity and being able to set your date of death is ethical for doctors
  • Debate whether first world countries should provide first-world-grade tools and weapons assistance to rebel or government groups inside of a third world country or whether they should limit any potential aid to things the country already has
  • Debate whether parenting today has become unhinged and whether detrimental damage is being done for children who are never told “no” and allowed to act like spoiled brats
  • Debate whether aid programs that come in to post-conflict societies are making the issue of reintegration easier for locals or worse by providing help from a western standpoint rather than the standpoint of the country in need.

Once you have your topic in mind it is important that you determine how to arrange your argument and present the best essay possible. Your topic is irrelevant if you are unable to present it well.

How do you arrange your paragraphs within the argumentative essay?

Well first of all you need to determine what a paragraph actually is. A paragraph is a grouping of sentences that are related to a single topic. Learning how to write excellent paragraphs can ensure you stay on top of your arguments and supporting evidence while you write and edit your paper. Being able to write good paragraphs can help your reader follow the flow of your argument as well. You can have even the best ideas in the world but if you present them poorly your readers will lose interest.

Basic Rules

It is best to keep one idea per each paragraph in your paper. If you start to transition from one idea to another idea then you should probably start a new paragraph. There are a few ways that you can tell if you are still on the same topic. If you have a single idea for your essay with many pieces of supporting evidence you can keep it all in the same paragraph so long as all of the pieces of evidence relate to the topic on that particular paragraph. If one particular point begins to go on for too long then you might want to elaborate on every piece of evidence and place it in its own paragraph.

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