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Racial And Ethnic Minorities

These two words are mostly confused by people. They do not understand which word means what. It sometimes leads to a major miss understanding. When we talk about race, we refer to a group of people that could have shared some common biological traits. These traits could either influence their color, height, facial features and/or language. On the other hand, ethnicity is when a group shares some common traits of culture. This mostly affects or influences the behavior of the affected people. It could also include sharing some holidays or even religion. An example of ethnic groups includes the Swedish and Egyptian. These factors have been used for a very long time to decide on issues like who are the minority of the majority in a certain region. These traits have also been the primary cause of all evils in the world today.


Most of the time, these people are treated with contempt. They are mostly identified by the distinction. You have to identify them via distinctive features. The fact that they are in a region where they are not many make it easy for one to spot and identify them. In cases where they are decided on the religion basis, you could tell a minority basing on their clothing. Our choices also make us be classified in the class of the minority. Sometimes, people who are labeled as the minority have a hard time living with the rest. This is because they could be treated in manners that are not very welcoming.

Hate crimes against the Racial and Ethnic Minorities

Hate crimes are crimes that are based on the social class of an individual or a group of people. In most cases, people are treated differently depending on their religion, race, level of education, status in the society and ethnicity. These crimes result in adverse effects. Though it is not certain that people will change, it would be a great thing if people stop treating others in a manner that is not right just because they are the minority. Victims of being treated as the minority are affected in many ways. For example, most of them may be forced to line in fear. Others live a stressed life because they are verbally and physically harassed. Some actions against the minority may at times lead to the destruction of property. Take for example if a group of religion that is the minority and the majority attack their place of worship.

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