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Essential Advice On How To Write A History Essay Introduction

When it comes to writing academic papers, the introductions and conclusions usually give students more concern than necessary. Just as you are fretting now on how to write a history essay introduction, another student out there is very upset that he or she is finding it difficult to write a conclusion for his or her academic paper. For the purpose of this guide, the focus will be on crafting a good introduction. Even after you have written multiple essays, you are yet to understand how to achieve that ‘wow’ factor with the introduction of your paper. Contained in this paper is essential advice on how you can achieve this. Read on:

  • Analyze The Topic: This topic could come in the form of a question and in that case, you should take time to think about this particular question in order to find the right answers to it. This is important because your essay will be based on this answer and the best possible place to start answering the question is the introduction of your paper. This answer or thought can be found in your thesis statement which is part of the introduction.
  • Funnel It Down: In writing your history paper introduction, you should start with a broad statement and gradually narrow it down to specific era, event or time. This way, you will be able to stay on course till you finish writing the paper. However, how broad you want the opening of your paper’s introduction to be depends solely on you.
  • Go Through Examples: This is another advice that would help ensure that you write the introduction of your essay properly. With examples of papers on history, you will get good ideas on how to stir the emotions of your target readers and make them want to read up your academic paper.
  • Make It Attention Grabbing: You have just a few seconds to thrill and hook your target readers and for this reason, it is important that you make the introduction of your paper attention-grabbing. You can achieve this by including a very intriguing example, baffling scenarios, thought-provoking quotations, etc.
  • Write The Introduction Last: Some students assume that since the introduction is the beginning of their essay that it has to be written first. This is not true. In order for you to effectively craft an interesting and well-written introduction, you should try writing it after you are done with writing the body paragraphs. It helps you to concentrate on the argument or question.

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