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Creating A Persuasive Essay Encouraging Vegetarianism

As I am sure you already know, the whole purpose of a persuasive essay is to convince someone of a particular point of view. You could just have easily have been tasked with encouraging a lactose free diet, or one rich in red meet. However, for the purposes of this post we are going to look at creating a persuasive essay encouraging vegetarianism. What do you need to do?

Understand what a vegetarian diet is

It would be wrong to presume that the only people that might be interested in encouraging vegetarianism would be vegetarians. Sometimes the best persuasive essays are those that have been written by those that would traditionally take an opposing stance. The reason for this is that they have had no alternative but to research the subject in full rather than take shortcuts. So, whether you are a fully-fledged carnivore, a veggie, or somewhere in between make sure that you take the time to discover the wonderful world of veggies.

Try some recipes

Arguably the best way to encourage vegetarianism is to sample the food. Don’t just do a quick supermarket dash for some apples and bananas and think that is it. Google some recipes. Vegetarian food is often high in flavor. So, you might find that you get to sample herbs and spices that you have never previously encountered. Dive into it wholeheartedly so that you get a full feel for the lifestyle.

Why are you encouraging it?

I can think of numerous reasons why you might want to advocate this particular lifestyle. However, so that your essay doesn’t become muddled you need to pick one or two reasons and run with them. For example, you might choose from the following:

  • Health benefits – Better for the heart and low in cholesterol.
  • Doesn’t involve killing animals
  • It is incredibly versatile and tasty

There are of course dozens of other reasons why anyone might want to become a vegetarian.

Recount some personal experiences

Okay, so yes this is a persuasive essay as opposed to a narrative one. However, if you have maybe tried the diet for a week and kept a diet then your personal recollections could go a long way towards persuading someone of the validity of your argument. It will also make it a lot more interesting and is more likely to hook your reader in.

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