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Bob Marley

Born as Robert Nesta “Bob” Marley, many people normally referred to him as Bob Marley. He was initially a Jamaican reggae singer and song writer a guitarist and a musician who gained popularity all over the world because of his astounding performance. He was born in 1945 and later died in 1981. His life is mainly defined through his musical career. He officially started his career in 1963 in the company of a group called the Wailers. He forged a spectacular vocal style and songwriting that would later become a household voice to many and a style to reckon for many in different parts of the world. Later on, the Wailers went ahead to release some of the first reggae records with one producer.

After some years of being together, the Wailers members parted ways in 1974. Marley continued with ambitions as a solo musician which made him more popular with the release of the “Exodus” album in 1977. From this time, his global reputation grew immensely and changed his status completely being regarded as among the world’s best-selling artists of all time after making more than seventy five million records. One of the most notable things with Bob Marley was his commitment to Rastafari who perfectly infused music with a spiritual sense.

Bob Marley acclaimed himself as a strong and staunch member of the Rastafari movement that had a very important culture that was very fundamental in the development of the reggae genre of music. He became an ardent supporter of Rastafari as he took the music they made out of the socially deprived regions of Jamaica all the way to global music scenes. That was Bob Marley for many and despite his short life of barely thirty six years of age; he made a great impact that cannot be forgotten to date.

One of the things that are not known to many about Bob Marley is his love for football. When he was not doing music, Bob Marley loved to play football – it was the second thing for him after music. Along with playing football, in parking lots and fields as well as in recording studios, he was a huge fan of the Santos club of Brazil together with the then star player, Pele. His company was made of football athletes and fans. This aspect was so special to him that he made Allan “Skill” Cole, a Jamaican international footballer his personal tour manager. Music and football defined Marley!

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