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Essential Rules For Writing An Expository Essay

Crafting an expository essay is an essential requirement in college and in most careers. Its target is to vividly explain the subject matter in a lucid and straightforward manner. The writer presents an equilibrated analysis of the topic based on pertinent facts without addressing one’s own judgment. The following rules can guide you in writing an outstanding expository essay.


This is the prior preparations carried out by the writer before embarking on the real task. It entails two major activities. These are; exhaustive research and drawing an outline.

Conducting the research

As a writer, you may get devoid of information in the course of writing when you have not conducted a prior research. As an upshot, you may be predisposed to presenting irrelevant information that may mislead the readers. This means that one ought to dig into the given topic using various textbooks, magazines and online sites to find all the necessary information. This is the basis of creating strong back up points and relevant examples.

Crafting an outline

The outline is the representation of your work in a sketch. This prevent writers from forgetting to include important section and help them to adopt the correct format as stated in the rules and guidelines.

Write the introduction

The introduction should be able to be covered in only a single paragraph. It should adopt beguiling and enchanting tone that sustains the reader’s interest and curb with mind-numbing statements. It should clearly bring out the thesis statement, which is the central idea to be built on in the succeeding section. Do not be too wordy.

The body

This includes the next three or four paragraphs and present the major arguments that develop the thesis. Each paragraph should be specific to one idea and should be crafted in the third person pronouns. It is also crucial to support each of your ideas with strong evidence and by citing relevant examples.

Write the ending

In this section, the writer should provide a summary of the major points without explanations in a lucid manner. Do not acquaint a new idea but you can give your recommendations that are in line with the topic. This section should be very concise.

Proofread your work

Presenting work that has not been checked for errors can be very disappointing owing to the fact that you will get the lowest score. This therefore calls for taking some of your time to either go through it yourself, give a colleague student or employ a proofreader. Note the mistakes and correct them.

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