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How To Compose An Excellent Opinion Essay: A Useful Guide

Opinion essays work very well when you use the basic five paragraph format that you are likely used to using for other types of homework as well. This is a good starting point because it will help you to become confident while writing these assignments. In higher levels of university, your professors will expect more of you in a complex and in depth approach to paper writing, but this simple format is just right for the project you are doing right now.

This piece should be written about your main point—your opinion—and that needs to be clearly stated in the very first paragraph. It shouldn’t be left to the reader to guess what you are talking about, so take a stand with your opinion early on.

Guide for writing great opinion assignments

Developing the body of this project is the part that will take the most time and need the most detail. Have a specific idea for each paragraph within your original topic. Make good use of examples to illustrate your point and show cause and effect reasons behind situations in the appropriate context. Doing this will support your argument.

  • Paragraph 1:
  • Your introduction. Make this include your thesis statement, and a few reasons why you believe it is correct

  • Paragraph 2,3,4:
  • These make up the body. Expand on the reasons from your introduction in each of these paragraphs, including evidence and more detail

  • Paragraph 5:
  • Your conclusion. Summarize the arguments in your body paragraphs, and remind the reader what your reasons are for supporting this particular thesis statement. Then finish with a poignant question or calling the reader to act on what they learned

Use those above tips to ensure the success of your opinion paper writing. The main points in each of the paragraphs should come together under a broader topic and all relate in some way so that your writing is not disjointed. If you fear that it is, you can ask a friend or parent to read over your completed project and get their advice. Even if you ask a friend who isn’t good at writing, they will still instinctively know if something is wrong or confusing. Think about and brainstorm your topic a lot at the start, and you will have enough ideas to take you through the full assignment.

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