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How to write a personal narrative essay to succeed at your task

What is a personal narrative essay?

Narrative essay is a type of essay, where you are the first person and you write an essay in a form of a story as if you are experiencing something and writing it exactly what comes directly to your mind, there is no third person involved. In simple, Narrative essay is a kind of essay, where someone narrates a story and experiences his event.

Why students write narrative essays

Students are told to write a narrative essay to get their writing skills polished and to enhance their writing expressions. This way, their writing skills are observed more bitterly and it gets easier for a teacher to know how good his student is on writing.

How can you write a narrative essay successfully?

Writing a narrative essay is just as telling someone a story. Do not get confused, if you are asked to write down a narrative essay. Adopt a very casual style of writing. Be direct and use active voice while writing. This would help you in avoiding grammatical mistakes.

Stay confident

As far as you are writing by remaining first person and you are sure that your writing has no grammatical mistakes, then you are going on a great note. Be confident and keep on sharing your ideas through your writings. Some students have strong communication skills, it seems that they have a firm grasp on writing, but when it comes to writing, majority of them lack in delivering, what they are exactly thinking.

List down all the important details

This would help you in writing your essay more persuasive and fact based. When you will be having a list of detailed notes, then it would get easier for you to explain them later. This way, you won’t miss any important note.

Make an outline

Making an outline is not a tough job. Once you have made it, you could easily put your essay in it, giving your essay a refine shape.

Write a catchy introduction

A catchy introduction would certainly attract the reader. Use your personal writing style and be creative while writing. This would spice up your writings and your writing would become fun to read.


Conclusion is where you are going to summarize up your essay. The end to your essay is your conclusion. This should contain of, no more than two paragraphs.

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