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Always make sure your essay fits the theme

A thematic essay is an opportunity for an organized means through which you can express your feelings and thoughts about a particular topic. This type of essay is used in many different disciplines and is found in classrooms from the college level all the way down to elementary. Many times, students may struggle with creating a thematic essay, because the nature of the assignment is open-ended. Often, when a thematic essay is assigned, a one or two word theme that is relevant to the subject is given and the students must write their essay based on that small prompt. While it may seem a bit intimidating, a theme essay is actually a great opportunity for some self-expression.

To get started, get your thoughts organized by doing some pre-writing on the topic that has been assigned. When you first receive the theme, spend some time thinking about the topic. Then, brainstorm, create an outline, or free write in order to get your thoughts about the topic completely organized.

Next, you will choose three of the main points that are in your pre-writing. Glance back over the pre-writing and circle/highlight those three main points that you would like to cover in your essay. These points make up the body of your essay.

Write the introduction to your essay, making sure that you clearly state the topic of the essay. Broadly discuss the theme of the essay and explain some of the features of the theme. If you’re in doubt as to how to do this, simply offer a definition of the theme. When you open your essay by defining the theme, you are able to make sure that your readers will all be on the same page. However, be careful that you don’t start it like this: “This is my essay about….”- you never want to refer to yourself or the essay itself.

For the body of the essay, you will write one paragraph for each of the main points. Expand upon each of your points by offering very specific examples so that your readers will be able to understand your argument or view on the topic.

End your essay with a conclusion paragraph that restates your three main points. Just like the introduction, your conclusion paragraph should sum up the topic in broad terms. Finally, end your essay with a very strong, final statement regarding the theme of the essay. Just like the introduction, never refer to the essay or yourself in the conclusion.

Finally, you will proofread your essay, making sure that it is polished and complete. Check for errors in spelling, grammar, and format and make any necessary corrections.

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