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Is Habitual Green Tea Consumption Beneficial For Human Health?

Before discussing its impact on human health, let’s have a glance at what actually green tea is. Green tea is infact one of the three types of tea formed be drying and steaming fresh ‘Camellia Sinensis’ leaves. One of the much highlighted properties of green tea is its antioxidizing function which is performed with the help of flavenoids including polyphenols and catechins as a major component.

Among the most frequently used beverages in the world after water, tea stands firm to take its position at the top. It has been centuries ago since when tea is being consumed widely and in various doses to as a health tonic. Studies support that there is a very close and long standing cultural as well as scientific relationship between human health and green tea. Though green tea itself is not a medicine at all its extracts are widely used in traditional Indian and Chinese medicines as it can serve well as a diuretic, an antimicrobial agent, an astringent, a stimulant and an agent improving cardiac health. Chinese medicine often recommend it as an energiser, for aches and pains like headache, detoxification, depression, digestion, and for the purpose prolonging life in general. The health benefits are not limited to this extent; they continue to extend to greater level like improving cardiovascular health, reduction in hypertension i.e. high blood pressure, combating obesity and other degenerative diseases with regular consumption of green tea.

Talking of degenerative diseases, as is known that human body needs oxygen as a basic component for its proper functioning and the said required element is made abundantly available via normal aerobic metabolism. So there are times when it exceeds the requirement and lead to formation of free radicals in the body disrupting normal functioning of such molecules that lead to damaged tissues and destruction of cells. Humans are lucky enough to have all what it needs for prevention against the harmful effects of the said free radicals that is a well equipped immunity system. To have it working properly, the human body needs to be performing at its highest level with the help of such food that is rich in antioxidants. It is due to the anti-oxidizing property, in combination with the antiproliferative one, which helps the prevention of chronic disease like cancer, arthrosclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, heart diseases and neurodegenerative disease i.e. Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Studies reveal that drinking 1-6 cups of green tea each day reduces DNA and cell lipids damage and enhances the blood stream antioxidant capacity.

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