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Ask for opinions before handing in your essay

Why should you ask for an opinion before you hand in your essay?

  • It does not matter at what level you are studying it’s a good idea to get someone else’s opinion of the essay before you hand it in.
  • It may seem that its just another chore to do, (and you will have to allow time for this), but it will be worth it in the long run.
  • It doesn’t replace proofreading and editing.

Possible blunders

  1. The obvious - spelling
    • Don’t just rely on the spell checker. It’s a great tool, but it can also ‘learn’ your bad habits. It can also put in a word that you did not intend to use - and you may not spot it because the ‘word shape’ is exactly the same as the word you wanted to use.
    • Punctuation errors. Easily done and may not get picked up by the spell checker. You need to be aware of the common errors that can occur.
    • Grammar. Its hard to remember to read all the way through a paragraph or section of your work when you have only changed one word in the script. By changing one word, you may have changed the tense or the ownership of the subject of the sentence - needs to be read all the way through.

  2. Making sure that the text makes sense.
    • When you have been crafting your work for days or weeks, you become familiar with the content. This familiarity then causes you to read what you think is there not what is actually there.
    • A fresh pair of eyes can see if the ideas flow from sentence to sentence; from paragraph to paragraph; from section to section.
    • Have you given the credit you should have, to work that you have cited. Is it al relevant to the essay?

Who should you ask?

  1. Ask your tutor. They may be marking your work, but asking for a pre-marking opinion can be a positive. You need to ask your tutor well in advance, as they may not be too willing if you are asking the day prior to the deadline for submission. Be prepared to make changes.
  2. Another student a peer. They may have a good idea of what you are aiming for in your essay. But they may not be as honest as you would like.
  3. A member of your family. They may be more honest about what flows well and what doesn’t. but be wary if they are not familiar with the content or if the content is controversial.

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