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Xenophobia in South Africa

Xenophobia is the fear of something strange or foreign. In reference to South Africa, this lead to dozens of people losing their lives because they were not South Africans or native to the area. This has been an ongoing problem for this part of the world for a number of years, with evidence of recent attacks and rumors continuing to grow. South Africa has dealt with a number discrimination events prior to 1994. This has led to the increase in fear of strangers and foreigners entering the country. Many wonder what can be done to help South Africans realize not every stranger wants violence, but to be accepted and welcomed as a visitor.

After 1994 there have been a number of riots and related events leading to lives lost because of xenophobia. The violence has spread to various areas throughout the country with thousands of people and numerous organizations voicing their opposition. It has been difficult for political bodies to have a say and execute plans to reduce and eliminate violent behaviors. While South Africa is the stage for such acts of violence, a number of international counties try to help the area establish a form of peace and security.

In recent years there have been rumors of attacks being planned. It is unclear how many were planned and how many were carried out, but causes related to these acts seem to be concerns that will not go away on their own. In some sense, it seems there is still a form of discrimination in South Africa that needs to subside. Some feel only certain people should be allowed to enter or be allowed to seek work. Rioting has affected how people get things they want such as housing, jobs and other essentials.

Getting people integrated continues to be an issue, but many are hopeful the country will move forward. There are refugee camps established to help people fleeing the area, but they have been reduced in size as the riot activity dwindles. There have been other actions in the area questioned as some wonder if they were related to the xenophobia, such as attacks on shopkeepers in Somali. Helping South Africans understand others feelings and reactions is just a tip of the iceberg in hopes of getting past the violence. Such events have taken aspects of discrimination to unprecedented heights.

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