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Teamwork And Motivation

How do you get your team to work together? How do you motivate them to keep on track and get the work done? Finding the answers to these questions should be the goal of every team leader if he or she wants their team to succeed.

First important step is to get your team to work together. There will be those who will want to outshine others in order to receive more praise or to climb the business ladder quicker. Your job, as team leader, is to make your team understand that as individuals they will only be successful if they are effective as a team. To be sure you should give credit where credit is due, but do not encourage your team members to bask in their own glory. A team is more prosperous when all members are working together in harmony, and not trying to sabotage each other to gain the employee of the week spot.

The second step to a well working team is to motivate them into putting a hundred percent into their work. This will not be accomplished if the team leader is in a sour mood. We all have bad days, this is true, but you cannot allow a bad mood to affect the work of your team. So approaching the work with a positive outlook will affect your team in a better light. A means of motivation can be a promised reward at the end of the day’s shift or after a certain tough project is completed. The reward does not have to be much, taking everyone out for a good coffee or letting them take the next day off of work will be acceptable. Often times it is the thought rather than the reward itself that is appreciated, but the reward must show thoughtfulness on the part of the team leader so as to be acceptable by the team.

Therefore, motivating your team and getting them to work together is not a difficult undertaking. Work on pulling your team together in order to make them more efficient, look for weak links that need to be strengthened and boastful employees that need to be put down a notch or two. Look at your team and seek what will motivate them into giving their all into the projects they have to do. Get them to leave the bad moods at the door and put a smile on their faces at the thought of the reward they will receive at the end.

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