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How To Find A Good Problem Solution Essay Topic On Bullying

A problem solution essay is a great way to discuss a problem in details; the various facts and myths associated with the problem. At the end, you are also supposed to present your readers with a possible solution to the problem.

Bullying or ragging has been a burning issue. It is a heinous crime that has cost many innocent lives. Ragging is no longer limited to schools and colleges. Today in every sphere of life, be it work place or social circle, people are subjected to some form of bullying. Appropriate steps should be taken to curb out the menace. Few important tips need to be remembered while selecting a good problem solution essay topic on ragging.

  • A good problem solution essay topic on bullying should be one that gives you enough scope to discuss on this problem, with a logical and convincing solution. Ragging is a very serious issue, which needs to be covered on a larger scale.
  • Choose a topic where you can express yourself fully. The topic should enable you to put across your views and ideas clearly to your readers.
  • The solution that the essay offers should motivate people to take a stand. It should not come across as a vague idea; something which can never get implemented in real life. The essay should come with a strong message for the betterment of the society. People should take an action, before it is too late.
  • See that the selected topic strongly reflects the various social, mental, emotional and physical traumas that a person has to go through due to ragging.
  • Go for a topic that touches on a very important aspect of ragging that often goes unnoticed; bullying by family members. The solution should be provided keeping the sensitivity of the issue in mind.
  • The topic that you choose should assist you in providing the best possible solution to ragging. It should make the readers aware of the various options available to deal with this grave offence.

Some general tips and recommendations while writing a problem solution essay

  • Choose a topic that can attract your readers.
  • The topic should highlight the problems, people face in their day to day lives. The solution should be practical and realistic.
  • Keep yourself updates and try to incorporate the latest and most dynamic and unique solution to the problems.

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