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How To Write Good Essays And Other Academic Papers Easily

I could easily tell you how to get better writing essays and other academic papers in one word, and that is practice, but I’m sure if you wanted to hear that you wouldn’t be reading this entry right now, so I will go over some helpful information with you that will make it a little easier to write for class. These three concepts will help you to learn how to write essays to the best of your ability.

  • Time Management
  • The first important thing to mention is time management. A paper can become infinitely better with proper time management skills. Learning to work with your deadline will help you to improve your writing because it will allow for your brain to go through all the steps it needs to in order to write a good paper. You should allot as much time as your professor/teacher gives you to write your paper. The amount of time they give you is a good indicator of how polished they expect your work to be. Here is a basic scale.

    • 1 - 3 days – Good ideas in context. Answers question, though may have some grammatical errors and may not be thought through completely. 1-2 drafts, outline, brainstorming
    • 3 - 7 days – Solid grasp of the subject, well written and polished work. Multiple (2-3) drafts, and good editing. Nearly free of errors and has a strong concept of the essay question. Completed outline and brainstorming
    • 7 + days – Very close to perfect, polished and complete work. Multiple (2-3) drafts, well researched and perfect editing. Free of errors and a well versed understanding of the essay question. Completed comprehensive outline and brainstorming.

  • Research
  • Research is another important component of essay writing. If you are not strong on the subject it will reflect in your writing. Make sure that you have a good understanding of what you are talking about so that you sound credible. Believe me, even the best of BS’ers cannot talk in detail about something they know nothing about. Even if you do know what you are talking about and have your sources ready, it can be helpful to research things like the format you are writing in and examples of good essays with the same or similar topics. Good research skills will follow you throughout your educational career.

  • Diction/Word Use
  • Each writer has their own voice when they write. It is important to find yours and to use words that lend themselves to your personal voice, add to your credibility, and sound correct in the context you are putting them in. Diction is sometimes the hardest thing for writers to master because it means learning new words without simply reaching for the nearest thesaurus or looking it up online. Even if a student has a better grasp of the topic, the student with the better diction will often create the more readable paper. With understanding of the topic and the language of what you are writing the diction half of things should come more easily. Practice makes perfect, and keep learning. It will help your writing infinitely.

    If you practice your research skills, your time management, and your diction you will be able to easily write academic papers and essays. If you are still having trouble try brainstorming, creating multiple drafts of your paper, and editing with your peers. Keep writing, and keep practicing. Writing will follow you forever, now is a good time to learn to do it well.

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