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The winning persuasive essay topics to write about

Persuasive essays topics are seemingly endless. There are so many topics, but unfortunately, not all of the topics are winners. Even though there are countless topics for essay writers to cover, many topics are covered so frequently that they become cliche and dull. Fortunately, with just a little extra effort it is rather easy to create an essay with a winning persuasive essay topic.

  • Look to the Overused for Inspiration
  • One of the best ways to create a top essay topic is to look around for the topics that are overused. When you know what not to write about, it will be easier to decide what to write about on your essay. If you simply search for persuasive essay topics, you will be treated to millions of websites full of essay topics. The websites that appear in the first few spots will include the essay topics that are covered most often. These might seem like the easy topics, because there is so much information about them, but they are usually not winning topics.

  • Create Alternative Arguments for Overused Topics
  • The overused essay topics should be avoided in essays, but they can be used for alternative means. There is nothing wrong with using an overused topic as inspiration for a winning, unique topic. For example, if you are going to write about legalizing marijuana - a completely overused topic - you could try to find a new and unusual way to write about it. Instead of writing persuasively about whether it should be legal or not, you could write about how it could be used for things other than smoking as a sustainable way to make clothing.

  • Check Out the Local Approach for a Fresh Idea
  • Another way to find alternative essay topics is to go for a local approach. Many communities have persuasive issues that could be used as essay topics. Local topics are usually forgotten about when it comes to persuasive essay writing, but when they are used, they tend to be excellent options. If your community is facing issues about zoning, transportation, or other issues that are controversial to the community, you could certainly create a winning essay trying to persuade someone to agree with you. It is the national topics that become cliche in persuasive essays, but you could look at a national or international topic from a localized eye to create a unique essay.

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