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Choosing A Topic For Writing An Essay About Village Life

It has been estimated that over the next few decades the majority of the Earth’s population will begin living in cities. Some of these cities are sprawling with people occupying only a small living space constantly in the company of each other with very few trees.

There are some exceptions where cities have been planned by architects to fulfill the various needs that humans have. Until this process is complete, however, some of the world’s 7 billion people still live in much smaller settlements known as villages. If you want to write about these with any kind of authenticity, consider the following before picking a topic.

Figure out what a village is

For many people, the word conjures up unpaved roads with no running water or flush toilets. In other cases it seems that they can be much larger and more developed but not yet large enough to be towns. Decide how you want to define villages before you begin writing.

Visit one for yourself

This is a very good idea if you have spent most of your life in a large bustling city and have no clue how to explain the slower pace of life based on lack of experience. Pick one that is nearby so that you do not waste too much time that could have been given to your writing.

Read about the experience from people who live it

If you cannot make your way to one in person, try reading the experience of someone who is actually a villager. This is both better and worse than being there in person. You will not see everything in person but you will not be as good at describing it as a person who has lived there for a lifetime.

List all of the related subtopics

You may think that the lives and experiences of villagers is simple but there are so many aspects of this experience that can also be related to others.

Pick the ones you think would make the strongest essay

You may have a great deal of points accumulated but it does you no good to clutter your writing. Trim the fat. Make sure that the points that make their way into the finished product are the best of the batch.

Try this a few times before submission if the deadline is far enough away.

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