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How Do You Write an Essay about Anything?

Essay writing is a great form of writing exercise that helps students understand thoughts, ideas and concepts. So when writing an essay on anything from your favorite topic or a book you read, you need to focus on information you want your reading audience to know. Most essay assignments follow a basic formatting structure. This makes it easy for writers to write about any subject as long as the essay is written to meet guidelines and standards. The following points offer basic insight on how to write an essay on any topic.

  • Select a topic you want to write about. The topic you chose will make a difference in how you present your essay content. The topic should be something you have unique knowledge about or something you are willing to take an interest in. Think about the angle you present your findings and provide details to help readers get comfortable with the subject.

  • Take notes on what to mention in your essay. Once you have your topic selected you can take notes on what you know. Think about what information people may already know versus new content you want to incorporate. You should have ideas on how to include something new and how to provide evidence for supporting points.

  • Review essay structure and make an outline. Most essays follow a basic 3-part structure including an introduction, body and conclusion. Your introduction should have a thesis or main idea your essay is based on. Think about your structure and what is necessary for your essay. This will help you create an outline with discussion points to mention for your topic. Doing this now will help you when you need to research your topic and write your rough draft.

  • Define thesis or main idea. Your thesis will be a sentence or so in length defining the purpose of the essay. This is what your essay works to explain. It should be clear, concise and well-defined by your audience.

  • Write rough draft. Based on notes you took on your topic and details in your outline, you can write your essay. As a rough draft it will not be perfect. You are taking ideas and thoughts and making them into sentences and paragraphs.

  • Revise, proofread and edit. Go back over your rough draft and start finalizing details. You can read your content and make changes as you go. Rewrite if necessary and check for errors.

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