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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence occurs when violence is experienced not outside of the home, but within your home—but one of your loved ones or family members. Victims of domestic violence are often psychologically trapped in dangerous situations, and find it extremely difficult to remove themselves from these situations. Domestic violence can come in many forms, whether it is physical or verbal abuse, it is extremely hurtful. It is important to understand domestic abuse, know the signs of this violence and do what you can to assist possible victims.

Domestic abuse occurs between two spouses, usually a marriage or long-term committed relationship. This occurs when one spouse feels compelled to establish a dominance or control over his or her spouse. Abusers break you as a person in order to gain control, and this is achieved through means of guilt, shame, fear, intimidation, violence and other manipulative behaviors.

It is important to know the signs of domestic violence, too. Whether you are keeping a look out for possible victims of spousal abuse or if you are in the situation yourself, you must know the identifying signs. If you find signs of fear of a partner than this is likely an unhealthy situation. Your spouse or friend’s spouse should never humiliate or belittle you. You should not fear your spouse or friend’s spouse’s potentially violent behavior. These are just a few identifying factors for domestic abuse. Other negative behaviors can also the telltale signs of spousal abusing when keeping a look out.

Aside from understanding domestic abuse, and keeping an eye out for the signs of spousal abuse—knowing how to handle an abusive situation is also important. If you find yourself or loved one in an abusive situation there are ways to help. If you suspect of one of these situation, do not hesitate to ask the person or to call an emergency hotline. If you take comfort in religion, speak with your faith leader and they can provide options and assistance to better a possibly abusive situation. Be courageous to face your own abusive situation or others’ situations you may know of—abusers have a way of convincing their victims that they are worthless. Know your worth, and demand the respect you deserve.

There is no excuse for domestic abuse. This is a problem that must be addressed and extinguished. Please remove yourself from an abusive situation, and help others in need, too. The resources for battered spouses are endless, and support limitless—there is no need to suffer silently anymore.

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