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Persuasive essay topics for college students: providing you with useful hints

Many topics can be challenging and complicated. The idea behind doing a topic is to make it persuasive when doing them. In that what a student wants to do, is find a particular issue within that topic and focus on that. By not doing a generalized coverage, but focusing it allows the student to present a more focused paper. Here are some hints on how to do this, by looking at different topics.

  • Biography
  • Book/Movie coverage
  • History
  • Current Affairs

These will be a good example of what to look at when writing on these subjects.

  • Biographies

  • When working on a biography, look at the person that is being written about. Here are some points that might be focused on.

    • What made them famous, and what factors led them that way.
    • What did they do to become noted?
    • How did they influence others?

    All because a person is noted for something, does not mean they were any more famous than others in their field. It might be they just developed something in their field that made it more used than it was. Or maybe they influenced others by their work to move forward and develop it more. Debussy was not the founder of Impressionism in Classical Music. But his work on developing the mathematical unity brought the style into what is known today.

  • Book/Movie coverage
  • When working on a book or movie coverage, look at what made them so well-known. Was it a writing style, subject, or the composition? Figure this out, and then work on that angle. There are many Authors out there that have written one or two books that made it to major sellers. Why did those books make it, and their others did not? It is the same with movies. Search out what made the book or movie so well-known and work on that issue. Bring in how it affected the student with this point also.

  • History
  • When covering history, look for key points. If the student is writing about a war, social event, or development, they should then focus on key points. Also use a legend, as legends are usually based on facts, but exaggerated for some reason. Such as the legend of the final battle of Agincourt, and the flipping of the finger. There was fact in that the French did cut that finger off, but no proof that the finger was actually raised against the French.

  • Current Affairs
  • In current affairs, look again for key points. What is this about? If it is a social issue, then focus on one point, maybe in one or two ways it affects the society, not every way. Pick the most important that the student sees, to work on. Such as “Drug Use” one might work on the medical costs, or the effects on the work force, or the family issues. Such as how drug use affects lack of employee reliability, and quality of work.

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