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The Emergence and Importance of Language


Language is so important, and it is one of the things, that differentiate humans from the rest of the species in the animal kingdom. it is language that ultimate enables us to have things like arts, culture, and the economy. It emerged in humans a long time ago, languages themselves emerged from proto-languages over a long time- each generation changes a language is subtle or drastic ways, and by passing a language down we learn what makes languages evolve and change the way they do. Language is so important because it allows for a universal communication medium.

The Emergence of Language

Language Emerged quite a long time ago, though far after modern humans evolved as a distinct species. We actually had the genes and brain structures evolved to understand languages and create grammars but we did not start using it for quite a while. Languages had to evolve, somewhat similar to how life worked actually. As the history of language went on, they got more and more complicated. As technology, research, and an understanding of the world around us developed, we created larger and larger vocabularies. This was driven, as we shall see, in large part by the arts.

The Importance of Communication

Language is obviously very important in everyday life; just think of how many times you talk to people every day. Communication is so important because it is the only way to correctly and succinctly communicate abstract ideas, and it makes commerce and law possible. Language allows subtle social structures to develop, and without it, we would be unable to harness any real technology. It also allows exploring and identifying emotions, social information, and so on. It enables education, and changes the way we view the world- people often narrate their lives in their heads in spoken language.

The Arts

Language is also closely tied to the arts, where it makes a big impact. Actually, the need for writers of all media drive the need to create more words, either for describe concepts or taking another word and applying more detail to it. Language and the diversity thereof is part of makes literature possible at all. Language and the availability of proper, rich words is what create artistic mastery. There can be no mastery of words if there are no words to master. Language is also important for communicating ideas in non-verbal mediums, as it gives definition to those pieces.

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