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How to Quit Smoking

Smoking is a vice held by many. And yet it is one that brings with it a number of negative health consequences that so many choose to ignore. In order to bring light to the number of negative side effects of smoking tobacco, tobacco companies have been required to post a warning label on their products that provide the customer with information on how harmful smoking can be to their health. Yet quitting smoking still proves difficult for many. There are many surefire ways to quit smoking though, and those who struggle should recognize that they are not alone. Some of the best ways to quit smoking include having an accountability partner, taking it slowly, and finding replacement activities.

Having an accountability partner will ensure that you are accountable to someone other than yourself. While the decision to quit smoking has to be something that you decide to do for yourself, the follow through can involve others. You can rely on other people to get you through the most challenging parts of the process. An accountability partner is someone who can help you whenever you are craving a cigarette, they are someone who can stop you from relapsing, and they are someone who can check up on you regularly when you are in need.

Taking things slowly is also a good way to quit smoking. No one quit overnight and thinking that you can is only going to harm your progress. You need to take things slowly and plan out your quitting targets. This means that you might reduce the total number of cigarettes you consume each day by one or two, and then reduce them again the following week. You do not need to quit cold turkey. Quitting a little bit at a time will make the time go by faster and will be much less of a shock to your body.

It is also important to find replacement activities. This means that if you often smoked cigarettes when you were at a club, you should avoid going to the club and look for someplace else to go instead. If you often smoke when you first wake up, try doing yoga when you first wake up instead. If you enjoy coffee and a cigarette, switch to tea and you will remove the temptation.

Overall with some help from a friend, proper planning, and replacing your activities with smoke-free ones, you can overcome smoking. It might be challenging at first but not impossible.

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