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Easy Instructions on how to Write an APA Format Essay

The APA format is one of the most common used in high schools and colleges when it comes to writing essays, term papers and dissertations. Hundreds of thousands of teachers and professors will require their students to present work using the APA format every day. The sooner you get to master this system the better. And if you are looking for easy instructions on how to use the APA formatting for your essay writing, then dividing your learning experience into the following sections may be a very real help.

  • Set your word processing software to create the perfect template.
  • Go online and look at lots of examples of the APA format.
  • Pay particular attention to the rules regarding citation of references.
  • Have a good list of the requirements on a single sheet of paper by your side.

There are a number of aspects of the APA format which need only be attended to once. You set your word processing software to a particular template, lock in the characteristics and this becomes the foundation of your essay writing in the APA format for time immemorial. You do it once and forget it. Of course you have to get the text right but the actual location and set up is done for you. This means that you will always have a 1 inch margin on all four sides of the page, you will choose a common font such as Times New Roman, you will choose 12 point as the size of your typeface and you will double space text throughout. It's simple to do and it's the easiest instruction you can receive.

One of the best ways to see how a document looks when it has been created using the APA format is to go online and look at relevant examples. There are vast numbers of essays free to view online which have been created using the APA format. What does the title page look like? Where do the header and page number on every page go? Is there a separate page for the citation of references? You can see all that is required simply by looking at examples.

And speaking of the citation of references this is one area where the APA format differs from others. You must get it right. The key is the surname of the first writer of the work you have quoted. Again it's an easy instruction to understand if you look at examples.

Rather than constantly have to check the various rules and requirements of the APA format as you create your essay, put the main points on a single sheet of paper and keep it beside you so that you can easily incorporate the necessary changes.

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