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Writing an Essay Using Someone Else's Example

A large number of students write essays using examples. They give clear insight as to what your paper should look like. Some students use them to develop ideas for a topic. Others may need to understand how to write their paper based on the correct essay format. If you have yet to consider this option there are a few reasons to keep in mind that can help you utilize a good example to your benefit.

  • Get Clear Insight on What Makes an Essay
  • Many high school and college students may just be getting introduced to the essay writing process. Some may be expected to display content with more information with the use of credible sources. Others may need to understand what they did wrong if tried to write an essay with little success in the past. An example that is well written on an interesting topic will help readers understand the content clearly. When you write an essay there are areas such as structure, organization, grammar and paragraph development that are put into better perspective with a visual example.

  • Take Notes on How to Write an Essay with Information You Want to Include
  • You can find examples through trusted sources such as your school website and writing books. The idea is to understand how to write an essay on your topic. But, when you have ideas and thoughts you want to include, you may not understand how or where to insert them in your essay. An example will help you understand why this is important. You may have information about your topic but you may learn you don’t have enough to help readers form the conclusion you want them to attain.

  • Understand Essay Structure and Organization
  • Essay structure and organization are common areas students have problems with. A basic understanding will come through a well-organized example. Structure and organization of an essay are two different components. You need to consider how you will provide supporting evidence and main points for your topic that will make your claim (thesis) true or understood from your point of view. An essay will have an introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. Each part has specific information necessary that distinguishes them from each other. The information you choose to include is what makes the essay different. But examples help create inspiration to ensure the content in the end is unique.

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