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Striking A Delicate Balance When Choosing Funny Cause And Effect Essay Topics


The cause and effect essays are very popular topics to be chosen for writing a paper at university level. They are very interesting and it grasps the attention of not only the reader, but also fascinates and motivates the writer as well. The purpose of cause and effect essay is to explore all the reasons that how and why certain things or events happen. The writers under this category have the liberty to contrast and compare two distinct events in order to show a connection between them. The writers can also try their pen on writing about different flow of events which occurred between the happening of one major event.

Keeping a striking balance between a funny cause and effect essay topic:

First of all, we should know that a cause and effect essay generally have a structure like any other essay topic. It has an introduction part, the body part and finally the conclusion. There are a number of categories that you can choose to write an effective cause and effect essay. However, the funny category of cause and effect essay is highly appreciated and enjoyed by all the readers and could possibly earn you more marks as well, as compared to some other boring and laborious categories of this type of essays. Following are some of the most useful topics that one can ever try to write their cause and effect essay:

  • The cause and effects of women’s poor driving.
  • The reasons men always succeed in cheating their women.
  • Why most people choose not to have a mobile phone.
  • Why people always open up after booze.
  • Why serious reality shows result in comedy of errors in our lives.

Thus, there can be many such cause and effect essay topics which all of them can have a funny writing theme. But keeping a striking balance between a cause and effect essay is very desirable. Keeping a striking balance means that the chosen topic shouldn’t be very general, neither too broad. Rather, it should have a good balance so you don’t get short of ideas by not choosing a too specific topic. Further, the topic shouldn’t also be not too general where your reader cannot relate it to his or her lives. The essay should ideally look real with connections in our lives and should generate enough ideas to support the chosen topic.

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