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Five Absolutely Winning Great Essay Topics

Sometimes, as a student, you are given a blank slate assignment.  One of those times when you can write about anything you choose.  Of course the essay itself has a word count, page length and other parameters, but the subject matter is yours to choose.  While this is a freeing idea, it can also be overwhelming.  Writing about anything could lead to an A plus paper or a big giant failure. To help you write a winning essay, here are some topic ideas and tips for getting a great grade on an essay.

Topic Ideas

  • Politically motivated subjects
  • This can be a broad topic idea, but a political essay about something you are passionate about can really be a great essay.  Ideas that fall under this topic are health care, legalization of marijuana, legalization of homosexual marriage, and politicians themselves.  Honestly any topic that is up for debate in congress or the senate can make for good fodder for an essay.  

  • Relationships
  • Anything about relationships makes for a great essay.  You can discuss topics such as gay marriage, divorces, and family dynamics.   The relationship essays really have an effect on the reader.  They hit home.  Everyone has a relationship and when you write about it, and how it affects things, it can really make an impact on the reader.

  • National Concerns
  • While most of what can be written in this topic can also be written under politically motivated subject, here however you can focus on the impact of the issue, while under P.M.S you would focus on how the issue is affected by the law, or politicians.  Here you would focus on why the issue matters.  Why society as a whole should care.  Why should the culture care about how it treats genders verses in PMS how gender roles affect a job, and should a law be there to protect it.  

  • Influences
  • Writing an essay about how something affects someone else can be really fun to write. If you write about how gender roles affect the way children are raised, you can really grip the heartstrings of the reader.  Or you can complete an essay on how media causes young girls to have body image issues, and what should be changing in the world.

  • Science/Religion
  • Any topic within the world of science or religion makes for good fodder for an essay, especially when you combine the two for a compare and contrast about how the two work together or not at all.  This sort of essay will engage your reader.  Just be careful to use fact and cited sources when it comes to the details.

No matter what the topic that you choose, make it something that you have a passion or interest in.  When you right about something that you enjoy, writing the essay won’t be really difficult.  These five topic ideas might be a bit difficult to write about, but it should get the wheels turning in the right direction, because these topic ideas are really amazing and any essay formed from them can be a winning essay.

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