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Early Civilization

Even though there is evidence that gives an idea of what early civilization was like for people years ago, people still wonder what it like was. At one point things were not as developed as they are in modern society. People may not have had the money, ideas or education to do certain things like we do now. The government was not as organized, but many think it may not have been as corrupted as it is in the present. Overtime, things have changed including rules, leaders and other symbols that make a city, country or land development a distinct element of history.

Civilization can have different meanings and understandings depending on who you ask. The development of it can pertain to plants, animals, people, agriculture and more. There are elements of it that have been around for thousands of years. At one people certain things did not exist such as cities, but people may have lived together in groups known as tribes. This may vary depending on which part of the world you are talking about. In other parts, people may not have lived there as they do now, but certain resources and materials were highly sought in the area in the past.

It is believed parts of Egypt and the Middle East may have seen the first signs of civilization. At the time animals, pottery and certain systems were found and developed. These elements helped people make building structures, make plans to help defend themselves and personal possessions. This has also contributed to ongoing conflict this area continues to see today. With various materials available it was difficult to distinguish who they belonged to and how they should be used. This area has been under a significant amount of turmoil that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

Agriculture was an important element developed thousands of years ago. It has been a pivotal element helping people of different background survive. They were able to grow and harvest foods, plants and care for animals. This was done all year round during heavy rains and droughts. It is believed certain elements of agriculture helped people predict weather conditions to help prepare crops ahead of time. Some of the first animals domesticated were pigs, sheep and cows. Such animals provided materials like leather, meat and milk. Some animals were used for other purposes and helped develop concepts such as the afterlife.

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