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Environmental Pressure 

Environmental pressure means that we are under pressure to help our environment. With the strain of oil production and our high energy consumption rates it is more vital than ever to learn how to go green and help alleviate environmental pressure. Learning how to go green is vital to both the environment and your personal contribution to leaving the world one step better than before. The first lesson in how to go green requires that you educate yourself in the matter. Going green is part of environmentalism and sustainable living. The information on the matter is endless. Facts about climate change, weather, our contributions, alternative energy sources, and going green are offered by Al Gore’s association and his documentary An Inconvenient Truth, the Environmental Protection Agency’s website, as well as Planet Earth. After you’ve educated yourself on environmental dangers and the going green movement, think about a few main topics such as your transportation, energy, water, food, waste, and clothing.

There are many ways in which countries have gone green and it all begins with individuals. If you live in areas such as the Midwest you can look for energy installations for wind turbines. This will capture the natural winds in your area and convert them into energy you and your neighbors can use to power your electrical outlets. There are now more Congressional discounts and tax breaks for those who implement such alternative energy sources at home than ever before. Of course wind energy is not the only area in which you can go green.

How to go green with your water begins with similarly simple steps. First is turning off the water when you are lathering in a shower or brushing your teeth, only running a dishwasher or washing machine when it is completely full, using rain water collection to water plants, covering pools to ensure that water does not evaporate when not in use, and not flushing unless absolutely necessary. Of course, geothermal energy can be used to heat your water for a house, office building.

How to go green with what you wear is important too so avoid as best you can clothing which has been sprayed with chemicals such as cotton. Hemp, organic cotton, bamboo, and flax all make for fashionable clothing which does not require crops to be sprayed and our planet to endure further harm. Overall doing all of these things will help to alleviate environmental pressure and will make our world a more sustainable place.

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