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Sexual Behavior in Humans

Human sexual behavior would be defined as any action between two or more people that brings on sexual stimulation. Sexual activities do not necessary affect those involved alone. Social organization may be harmed also. Sexual behavior is a complex topic to understand. This is because of the many factors that come into play before and when engaging in any sexual activity. People of different sexes demonstrate sexual behaviors in different ways. This essay is going to look at what human beings do sexually and find out what factors affect their different sexual behaviors.

During sexual activity, psychological changes take place. On sexual organism, male ejaculate releasing semen. Climax is characterized by ejaculation. Among the pre-adolescent males and females, organism may take place without release of semen. This is because their sexual organs have not fully developed. In spite of the fact that climax can occur in absence of ejaculation, it is unlikely ejaculation can take place without climax coming first.

Human beings can reach organism by adopting different methods. These include masturbation or self –stimulation, nocturnal sex dreams, coitus, petting and homosexual responses among others. What an individual does sexually is affected by nature of arousal, the person’s capability both physical and psychological to react to that arousal and the person’s former experience. Some people react quickly and frequently to a stimulation while others reaction is slow and infrequent. Factors such as the general wellbeing, the nutritional state, the weariness and the age of an individual affect the sexuality of any given person.

Sexual activeness of an individual increases a year or more after adolescence. It then starts to reduce steadily until old age. In women, sexual interest and capacity to reach organism raises up to the time they reach middle age. It reaches its maximum at the age of around 40 years. When they reach menopause, there is reduction in sexual interest partly due to psychological changes such as a feeling of unattractiveness. The activeness of the male partner plays a key role in determining the frequency of coitus in women over 45 years. In men, the reduction in sex interest is caused by previous sexual experience, age, poor health condition of the individual, social status in the society and unsatisfied life expectation.

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